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(New Publication) Insect declines in the Anthropocene

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The “Insect Apocalypse” narrative has led to more public and scientific interest in the insect biodiversity crisis and has been a much debated and discussed phenomenon. In this Nature Reviews Earth & Environment Viewpoint article, five researchers, including TEE Lab's Dr Eleanor Slade, provide their views and suggestions on these five questions:

  • What aspects of insect declines are still under debate versus generally resolved?

  • What are the main drivers and mechanisms of insect declines?

  • Are all insects likely to suffer from these anthropogenic effects, or are any more or less vulnerable?

  • What are the best approaches to studying insect declines?

  • What data gaps or knowledge gaps are important to fill in the next few years?

Viewpoint in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment: Insect declines in the Anthropocene (Blüthgen et al. 2023)

Screenshot of The New York Time's coverage of the "insect apocalypse".

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