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Tropical ECOLOGY
& Entomology LAB

Asian School of the Environment

Background image credit: Chien C. Lee


The Tropical Ecology and Entomology (TEE) Lab is part of the Forest Ecology Lab of the Asian School of the Environment (ASE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. We focus on a broad range of questions relating to how species respond to environmental change and the consequences this has for species interactions and ecosystem functioning. We have a soft spot for invertebrates, but we have also been known to work on birds, mammals, plants and microbes. We have an applied focus and are particularly interested in the effects of habitat fragmentation and connectivity on species distributions and movement. We want our science to be interdisciplinary and enjoy working with stakeholders outside academia to help provide an evidence-base for policy and best management practices.



Southeast Asian Dung Beetles

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning

Species Interactions

Habitat Fragmentation

& Connectivity


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