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TED-Ed Video - Why isn't the world covered in poop?

By Eleanor Slade & Paul Manning

Have you always wondered what comes out of a research project? This series aspires to deconstruct the nature of scientific papers and reveal the remarkable efforts that our researchers shoulder to discover the truth of how organisms live around us.

Does Forest Restoration Restore Arthropod Diversity?
By Tay Li Si

Are Nature Ways in the Way of Nature?
By Alexis Goh

Venture behind the scenes to discover what goes on within our lab. Be ready to witness creepy crawlies of all variations and learn more about the experiments and processes researchers undertake, in the quest for answers to how the world functions around us.

Preparing a Dung Beetle for Imaging
By Marx Yim

Photographing Leaf Litter Invertebrates
By Marx Yim

A Day of Pinning Dung Beetles
By Marx Yim

"What are conferences, webinars and all those zoom sessions about?" you may ask! Find out more about the various types of Science Communication #SciComm that we partake in and learn more about how Science is a collaborative effort and how we communicate our research to others.

ICUR 2021 | Does Forest Restoration Also Restore Arthropod Diversity and Community?
By Tay Li Si

ICUR 2021 | Are Nature Ways in the Way of Nature?
By Alexis Goh

Working Together: Knowledge Exchange on Riparian Buffers in Sabah
by Eleanor Slade

Using Trait-based Ecology to Study Responses of insects and their associated functions along environmental gradients |
La Trobe University EEE Seminar Series 2020 

Festival of Ecology (BES 2020) Presentation
by Joseph Williamson

Pulau Ubin BioBlitz 2020

By Alexis Goh

Science@SAFE Webinar

Importance of Insects - Video Interview