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ASE Ecology Student Alexis Goh wins URECA Research Excellence Award for Pollinator-Nature Way Study

Our warmest congratulations to ASE 4th year ecology specialisation student and NTU President Research Scholar (NTU PRS), Alexis Goh for being awarded the URECA Research Excellence Award for her URECA AY20/21 (Undergraduate Research Programme) study. Her project “Are Nature Ways in the Way of Nature?” was undertaken within the Tropical Ecology and Entomology (TEE) Lab and supervised by Asst Prof Eleanor Slade.

Alexis Goh studied the plant-pollinator interactions of Nature Ways in Singapore.

Nature ways are green corridors that aim to restore ecological connectivity across Singapore’s urban landscape. While they are planted with biodiversity-attracting flora and canopy-mimicking vegetation to invite fauna usage, they differ in characteristics like connectivity, urban disturbance, proportion of surrounding natural area and choice of planted vegetation.

Figure showing the effect of each characteristic on pollinator abundance

The goal of Alexis Goh’s study was to unveil how future Nature Ways can be further optimised according to these characteristics, so we can create more habitable spaces for our crucial local pollinators and to build a future where coexistence between pollinators and anthropogenic development is enhanced in Singapore.

In light of her outstanding research, she was invited to pitch and communicate her research at the 2021 International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR), which involved 595 international students from 14 institutions comprising 12 countries. Dive into her research in greater detail in her presentation below.


Nature Finds A Way - Reflections by Alexis Goh

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